Cactus Juice

Cactus Juice


Class B Felonies
  • Assaulting an Officer (RCP 1.3.1) – 2022.05.24 (Fine: 150 mil isk)
  • Destruction of Citizen Vehicles (RCP 2.1) – 2022.05.24 (Evidence) (Fine: 132 mil isk)
  • Operating Without a License (RCP 1.1) – 2022.05.24 (Fine: 25 mil isk)


2022.05.24 – Wirashoda

Around 22:30, reports came in of a pilot in a Tornado-class ship that was opening fire on passing ships in Wirashoda. Pilot Zunum Ren Ren lost a Crow to the perpetrator, who was later identified as Cactus Juice.

2022.05.24 – Senda near Ahtila gate

Mr Crowly was investigating a small gate camp near the Ahtila gate in Senda where he engaged and destroyed an Interceptor belonging to Xavier W of WE FORM YUGOSLAVIA. Shortly after, Cactus Juice appeared in his Tornado at sniping range and opened fire on the officer. Mr Crowly was forced to warp away and cloak, where he witnessed the subsequent destruction of Cactus Juice’s ship by the gate campers.

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