John IsIvan

  • Corporation: Faith and Shalom [U777U]
  • Last Seen: Wirashoda
  • Status: Bounty Issued, Outstanding Fines
  • Reward: 10m killmail + 10m for corpse, 50m for public execution
  • Outstanding fines: 75 million isk
  • Killboard:


  • Operating Without a License (RCP 1.1) – 2022.05.30 (Fine: 25mil isk)
  • Evangelism, Recruiting and Marketing (RCP 5.1.2) – 2022.05.30 (Fine: 50mil isk)


2022.05.30 – Wirashoda

Bounty issued by private citizen related to history of misuse of Local channel for evangelization.

Collected Bounties

Protecting the fine citizens of Pochven