Class B Felonies
  • Assaulting an Officer (RCP 1.3.1) – 2021.07.26; Fine: 150 mil
  • Operating Without a License (RCP 1.1) – 2021.07.26; Fine: 25 mil
  • Failure to Comply (RCP 1.2) – 2021.07.26; Fine: 50 mil


2021.07.26 – Senda Gate in Wirashoda

At 19:43, just following the arrest of Riksa Sarav, Mrs. Crowly was idling near the Senda gate when KazenHoax appeared in a Garmur and initiated a warp scramble attempt on Mrs. Crowly’s ship. The officer immediately scrambled the perpetrator’s warp drive and began firing on the suspect’s ship in self defense. Significant damage to the officer’s ship was caused by Scourge Rage rockets fired by the suspect.

Mr. Crowly entered Wirashoda via the Senda gate and began firing upon the suspect. The suspect disengaged and escaped. No ships were destroyed in the battle.

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