Riksa Sarav

  • Corporation: EVE University
  • Alliance: Ivy League
  • Last Seen: Wirashoda
  • Status: Reformed (member of Damage Consultation Services)


  • Operating Without a License (RCP 1.1) – 2021.07.26; Fine: 25 mil
  • Failure to Comply (RCP 1.2) – 2021.07.26; Fine: 50 mil

Collected Fines


2021.07.26 – Ala Gate in Wirashoda

Mrs. Crowly detained the suspect who was idling at the Ala gate in Wirashoda. Suspect did not resist destruction of their vessel, but did flee the scene in their pod.

2022.05.20 – Reformed

Listed as reformed due to alliance standings.

Protecting the fine citizens of Pochven