Space-Doctor Moreau


Class B Felonies
  • Assaulting an Officer (RCP 1.3.1) – 2022.06.15; Fine: 150 mil
  • Destruction of Citizen (Police) Vehicles (RCP 2.1) – 2022.06.15; Fine: 1.3 Billion (Evidence)
  • Operating Without a License (RCP 1.1) – 2022.06.15; Fine: 25 mil


2022.06.15 – Kuharah

Mr Crowly was conducting a training exercise with 2 junior officers near a wormhole in Kuharah, when the perpetrator warped in in a Svipul-class tactical destroyer and scrambled Mr Crowly’s Tengu. The junior officers were able to cloak up and get to safety, but Mr Crowly’s ship and pod were destroyed.

Protecting the fine citizens of Pochven