Tani Makia

  • Corporation: Hidden Flame
  • Alliance: The Ancients.
  • Last Seen: Senda
  • Status: Paid in Full / Time Served


Class C Felonies
  • Resisting Arrest (RCP 1.3) – 2021.07.28: Fine: 100 mil
  • Operating Without a License (RCP 1.1) – 2021.07.28; Fine: 25 mil
  • Failure to Comply (RCP 1.2) – 2021.07.28; Fine: 50 mil


2021.07.28 – Wirashoda

Mr. Crowly caught the suspect engaged in combat against rogue drones near the sun in Senda, and initiated warp disruption. The suspect opened fire on the officer’s ship, so Mr. Crowly subsequently destroyed the pilot’s ship and pod. Three other members of the pilot’s corp escaped.

Collected Fines

Protecting the fine citizens of Pochven